Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ed Tech Profile (NETS V)

I participated in an online survey to assess my knowledge in technology before I took Education 422. This assessment evaluated my knowledge as if I was already in the classroom teaching with technology. I learned that I was at least intermediate in every area on the quiz.

Excel Cross Word (NETS I & III)

I created a cross word puzzle about my own life using Excel. I was able to show proficiency in Excel in a project that could be used in the classroom. A crossword puzzle was a fun and interactive way of learning how to use Microsoft Excel.

Wiki Page (NETS I, III & V)

I created my own wiki page in in order to show my proficiency in a technology tool that could be used in the classroom. I made my own book through to show how technology could help with creative writing. And then I made a webpage that explains the tool and shows my example. This could help other educators have a quick overview of a fun interactive tool.

JCCS Internet Safety (NETS IV)

Through Google Docs I was able to collaborate with my peers in completing an Internet Safety and Copyright awareness activity. I completed a student assignment that focused on cyber predators. I was able to watch a movie and then reflect on the issues raised in the video from a students perspective.

JCCS Internet SafetyRM

Inspiration (NETS III)

I created a web diagram through Inspiration in order to organize my ideas to create my Taskstream narratives. I linked my artifacts with the standard I wanted to address. I was able to color code and use pictures to help me remember and write my narratives. This was helpful not only when writing my narratives but also in creating my blog.

Friday, April 23, 2010

iMovie (NETS I, III, IV, &V)

I created a PSA about hate speech in order to raise awareness in regards to current events that have been happen on the California State University: San Marcos campus. I used iMovie to create my PSA with footage shot on campus. This is a great tool to create innovative assignments and is easy to teach and learn.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal 9: Playing with Skype (NETS I, III & V)

Weller, T.J. (2010). Playing with skype. Learning & Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

"Playing with Skype" by Travis J. Weller is an article about using Skype, an online video-communication tool, to connect with experts all over the world. In his music class he was able to connect to concerts and with composure form established symphonies at Universities across the nation. It is extremely easy to use and students can connect in a real way with experts in the field that they are studying. It allows students access to more experts, that way they can see different fields and make more informed career choices. It is good to have guest speakers in a classroom but sometimes its hard to get experts to come to your school, due to geographical problems. This allows guest speakers to come from all different fields from all different regions.

How could teachers find experts that are willing to talk to their classes?

Although it might be difficult to find experts, it won't be difficult to find people willing to use the super simple video conferencing tool. Many people have met friends or know family friends in different careers that could come in to talk to students about different career paths.

Skype has kind of a bad name, how could teachers ensure that parents feel safe having their students work on Skype?

In this sort of environment the teacher would be controlling the whole presentation so students would not be able to use Skype in a way that is unethical or inappropriate. It also exposes students to the "good" use a program like Skype that is often used in a negative way.